Whether you are a church, theater, or any type of venue that reinforces music, it has probably crossed your mind to replace your current audio, video, or lighting system (AVL).  This usually leads to anxiety, “Can we afford a new system and how do we begin.”  The path to nirvana does not have to be filled with worry.

How can we help?

Depending on the current setup in your space, it is wise to have an expert come in and do an overall evaluation.  What works, what doesn’t work, and what are your hurdles to overcome every time you use the system.

live sound co- start from scratch

An evaluation performed properly will help get you on the right path and many times you will not need an entire overhaul, but simple fixes.  An A/V system is a complex arrangement of many components that need to be interfaced properly to work in harmony.  I have been in many spaces that just need their system re-tuned and calibrated to fix the current problems.  It could be a matter of gain staging, bad cable, poor terminations, or grounding issues with the electrical system.

Training can also go a long way to fixing issues.  If your operators are not properly trained, how can you expect them to perform at their best?  Also, are your musicians, performers and presenters using proper mic techniques?  These are all variables in the equation that can make life easy or difficult.  Some basic training classes can go a long way.

Replacing certain pieces of equipment can help fix problems.  You may not need everything replaced at once and can budget out what needs to happen now and what can wait.  You may just need a new set of speakers and a couple of mics to get the system to perform to at an acceptable level.  Then we can plan other phases to continue the overhaul.

Room Acoustics can also be the root of evil in your space.  Even the best system in the world can sound poor if placed in a room that sounds bad.  An evaluation of the acoustics is important and simple fixes can really turn a unfortunate sounding system around.

All in all, don’t be afraid to pursue the path of excellence when it comes to your AVL system.  It should be an enjoyable experience that doesn’t have to break the bank.  Get an evaluation and begin planning steps in the appropriate order, as funds and time will permit.

Jeremiah Leiter