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System tune-up

Test, Tune & Train

Was your sound team technically challenged by your last Easter or Christmas service? Does your sound system hum and buzz? Is your band too loud and they won’t turn down the stage volume? Or is your congregation continually annoyed and disappointed by poor sound intelligibility, runaway feedback squeals and cranky musicians? Live Sound CO. one of the nation’s leading providers of sound worship training and Acoustical solutions, are ready to help by offering a hands-on Tune-Up session in your own church. This test and training can now be done in your church using your own mixing board, microphones, speakers, and praise team. Your praise team will be able to directly apply the knowledge from the training session. you’re in a band, part of a traveling speaking series, or part of an event planning company, one thing remains: your need for consistent and professional audio and visuals. Live Sound Co’s audio and visual equipment inventory in Pennsylvania and Maryland includes the best gear for your needs. Our staff works with each customer individually to determine the right package for your unique audio and visual equipment needs.

You need a Sound System Tune-Up if…

  • You want to be a good steward of your church funds
  • Your church is upgrading to a digital mixing console
  • There are feedback and volume complaints
  • Improper and costly equipment choices have been made in the past
  • A long period of time has passed since your last system test/evaluation

Phase I: We check your sound system for proper operation, resetting all crossovers, equalizers, compressors, gates, microphones, monitors and gain structure.

Phase II: We train your sound team on the best ways to patch your console, apply processing and effects to each voice and instrument, adjust channel equalization to make each praise team member sound as good as possible, and reduce overall room volume and feedback.

Phase III: We sound-check your praise team, adjusting all monitors, channel equalization, musical balance and sound levels. We also make recommendations on the best stage amps and monitors to use, as well as discuss future upgrades to your overall system.

These Tune-Up sessions are dedicated to fixing what ails your own sound system — from how to set up microphones on your stage to configuring your own mixing board for easiest operation to adjusting speakers in your room and everything in-between. Plus, we provide hands-on training for your Praise Teams including how to do a proper sound check and getting your band to turn down their stage volume. That’s 8 hours of sound system setup and hands-on training using your own sound gear in your own church using your praise and sound teams!


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service contracts

Your Audio, Video, and Lighting Systems need continual maintenance through out the year for optimal performance. Live Sound offers different Service Contracts to meet you specific needs.

Let us worry about your system so you can continue business or services as usual. Our team will provide preventive maintenance, training, and emergency response visits to increase the lifespan of you equipment and eliminating unnecessary stress and down-time.