A couple of us at LSC took some time the other day to get up close and personal with some new powered boxes from both JBL and QSC and the results may surprise you.

JBL_PRX712_vs_QSC_K12_LSC_-1We had demo units from both companies so naturally we put a 12” JBL PRX712 Series box head to head with the 12” QSC K12 series box to hear who has achieved the best results from their new lines of powered speakers.  The QSC is plastic cabinet and the JBL is birch, however they are both priced about the same.

What the engineers did agree on is the quality of audio being produced by a plastic cabinet has come a long way!  Even though the early days of the EONS were impressive, the QSC surprised all of us.  We were all impressed by how loud the boxes preformed before either clipping or becoming brittle.  What the engineers could not agree on was which box sounded better (Go figure). There was a strong argument for the QSC having more punch out of a 12” Powered speaker than the JBL, especially in the 100hz range, but a case was made for the JBL not being as brittle when pushed harder. In other words, when both boxes where being pushed to maximum output the JBL seemed to edge out the QSC on clarity.

JBL_PRX712_vs_QSC_K12_LSC_-2We did find it slightly odd that the JBL has only one handle on the side of the box.  We know it is due to the box also having the ability to be laid out as a floor monitor, but on the 15” box it made it slightly awkward to carry and lift.  Both Boxes weigh about the same, which is fairly light.

Spec Sheets


In summary, we are impressed by both boxes and would recommend either to our clients.  Next month, we will be listening to JBL’s new EON 600 series and will let you guys know what we think!